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Men’s style isn't just a suit and tie anymore. It goes over your entire grooming from head to toe, even trendy bracelets and glasses are necessary accessories for completing your style statement.  This year’s fashion trends for Men has shown a remarkable leap from the traditional looks besides many styles from 80’s and 90’s made a comeback. Over all 2016 has been a year of fashion trends. Same expectations are from the year 2017 as from Menswear spring/summer 2016-2017 Fashion Week has exposed a reignited attention in pleasant, rich colours and perfect materials for inspiring our wardrobes.  We have put together the top style trends for Men fashion that will keep you looking your best during year 2017.



Bandanas are maybe the most straightforward fashion pattern to pull off, and they are boyishly splendid. What improves this fashion even? All you will need is a modest Bandana that could exceptionally well cost you a couple of dollars. A moment help to the least complex of outlines, neckerchiefs are fun loving and can be a magnificent chance to convey more shading to your closet on the off chance that you are somewhat reluctant to shake brighter shades. An awesome cherry red, cobalt blue or monochrome designed Bandana can do the job, however, guarantee your knots are flawless.



2. Vermillion Red

A standout amongst the most consideration getting shading patterns, vermillion red emerged as a style most loved in the city of Fashion Week. Be mindful so as to carefully select which red pieces you go for; this shade of red is brilliant and can read prominently over the top if fouled up. Distinctive red shirts can be a pleasant change to our darling white shirts, and red sweaters are an awesome backup to dim denim. For corporate wear, channel the pattern with red socks or a preppy striped tie highlighting the shade for an inconspicuous understanding of the pattern.


Vermillion Red


3.Light Wash Denim

Light blue was surely a favored shade all over Europe, with the powder blue styled managed with the favored denim for the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week participants. Light and splendid were the denim coats that included vigorously on the European roads. The light wash denim drift didn't stop there, with a few visitors translating their light wash denim in edgier pieces, including light denim short sleeve workman coveralls. A definitive for casual wear put resources into somewhat loose denim jackets for simple over the shoulder upper to white shirts or striped sweaters.


Light Wash Denim


4.Muted Colors

Normally spring/summer collections are known for their catchy shades; however, this year was about beiges, grays, whites, and olives. Indeed, even the collection with shading had a tendency to hose them down with pale shades of pink and blue. Not each venture works with a portion of the strong, brilliant shading decisions associated with level plan. Thus, don't stall out utilizing them. Kick up your plan conspire for year 2017, with a more muted shading palette. The inconspicuous change can give you an in-vogue update and help it emerge in the flat design crowd.


Fashion Muted colors



There is always a stylish way to do men’s accessories, and Bracelets are our answer to that demand. In 2017, bracelets are going to be seen as trendy accessory, not in just casual style but also a part of more trendy formal fashion trends. There are plenty of options from silver to threads and leather collection as well. Just according to your attitude and style statement so you may get the beat.





6.Baseball Caps

Keep things casual with Baseball caps for easygoing spring/summer looks. Reference nineties road style with darker shades like Calvin Klein Collection and go with white shirts with quieted tan caps tinted in Versace and Balmain. Switch things up with various shapes and tones.


Baseball cap


7.Sleek slouchy trousers

After season rising under the surface, sews are at long last releasing next season. Keeping in mind just the most valiant (and slimmest) of us will have the capacity to slip on a couple of flares, looser wool pants (wider at foot and thigh) are truly simple to wear. Indeed, even sleekest-of-the-smooth Hermes is going hard on the pattern: most by far of the pant they demonstrated had an elasticated abdomen - even with fitting.


Sleek slouchy trousers


8.Slip On Shoes

Keep up easygoing, yet set up looks with modest shoes. In a scope of materials for spring and summer 2017, the choices are unending with the most recent styles and shapes which give an agreeable and cleaned wrap up. Keep things great by blending shoes with conventional trenches evocative of Burberry Prorsum or join a shoe with more brilliant, easygoing looks a la Moschino. Keep pants very much customized when experimenting with the shoe styles.



Slip on shoes


9.Long Scarves

Wear long scarf slant in adaptable colours and more slender textures. Adjust long scarves in easygoing times or wear scarfs with corporate fashion. This adornment is an extraordinary backup with troughs or light spring coats. Pick lively colours to create an impression.


Long Scarves


10.knitted polo shirt

In case you're not exactly prepared to begin wearing your sweatshirt determination, take a stab at utilizing a sewed polo shirt as a somewhat lighter layer of protection as the temperature plunges. For best outcomes put resources into a few fine weave emphases in various strong colours selections with negligible marking for greatest adaptability with your current closet.


Knitted polo shirt

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